A Review of the Fantastic Bonus From Royal Panda Casino


If you're in the hunt for a new Canadian no deposit online casino to call home, one of the first features you're likely looking for is what promotions they have available to new players. As the popularity of online casinos continues to grow, many websites have begun to place focus on the welcome bonuses they offer. Royal Panda Casino has joined the ranks of the many online casinos offering no deposit codes to new players when they sign up.

We wanted to take a closer look at the promotion as well as the casino as a whole so that new players could have a better understanding of what they were signing up for. Royal Panda is a fantastic casino with an exciting arsenal of games, but how do their no deposit codes compare to their competitors? Our review takes an honest look at the pros and cons of signing up for this casino.

Our Review of Royal Panda Casino


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The Royal Panda Casino No Deposit Bonus Code

When you sign up for the casino and enter the associated code, Royal Panda will give you up to 50 free spins on their slot machines. As far as no deposit codes go, this one is rather generous and something to be excited about as a new player. Most Canadian online casino promotions offer around 10-25 free spins, depending on the institution, so it's quite refreshing to see such a large offer from the Royal Panda Casino bonus.

If you're looking for a fantastic Canadian no deposit code, this is the one for you. It's generous, easy to access, and applies to many of their most popular games. Players in Canada can receive this promotion right away when they sign up and create an account. Redeeming the code is automatic and requires no waiting times or deposit fees. This is where their no deposit promotion stands out - it's generous compared to others and automatic unlike many first deposit matches.

Other Promotions Available

Should their no deposit offer not be appealing to you, there are plenty of other bonuses that you can receive when you sign up for this casino. Like most online institutions of this sort, you will encounter several deposit match bonuses that offer you a certain amount of money based on how much you've put down. The front page offer that can be found at Royal Panda is the cashable bonus match of up to $1,000 and 10 free spins after your deposit go through.

The main issue with promotions like this one is that you do run a risk of losing your deposit with them whereas a no deposit promotion doesn't require a single penny from the player. With that being said, this deposit match from Royal Panda is genuine and has been designed to benefit the players rather than the casino. You're not walking into a trap with this welcome offer, just placing a down payment for an incredible match from the casino.

Playing to Withdraw Rather than Win


One tip that we cannot stress enough when it comes to no deposits is that you should never play low to increase your chances of winning. Play the requirements so that you increase your ability to withdraw in the end. As with any online promotion, this one includes some requirements that must be met before a player can withdraw their winnings. If the player has not met these minimums, their money will have to remain in the casino rather than their bank account.

At Royal Panda Casino, these requirements come in the form of wagering minimums which are a certain amount you have to wager each time before your bet counts towards your withdrawal total. If you do not meet the minimum wagering requirements, you cannot withdraw. This tactic is done at every online institution and acts as a way to protect casinos from exploitation. Luckily, the wagering requirements associated with their no deposit promotion are quite achievable.

Available on Select Games

It's also important to note that this offer only applies to specified games within their casino. This means you can't go to any game they offer and claim your bonus winnings there. At the Royal Panda Casino, it's apparent that the no deposit offer is specifically for slot machines. This is another common feature of an online casino as the slot machines are typically a majority of the casino's game collection, and are much more difficult to win on as they're more about luck than skill.

With that being said, the bonus from Royal Panda Casino ensures that players are in for a treat as their collection of slot machines is one of the best we've seen. There are hundreds of devices for you to choose from, many of them accept the bonus code, and each is unique from one another. This casino has taken its time on each machine and emphasizes customer satisfaction rather than boosting their numbers.

All in all, Royal Panda has much for new players to be excited about. From their no deposit promotions to their amazing collection of slot machines, this is a casino that takes its time and cares about its players - young and old alike.